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Our in-house skill sets and processes have been carefully assembled to add value to our clients. Chartered accountants and tax advisors for sure, but our real interest is to work alongside you as a partner with our flexibility, speed, and frontline skills in order to deliver optimal business success to you. 

At BBR we see your company’s accounts as a dashboard of business success measures, not just an opportunity to benchmark your success against industry best practice, but an opportunity to use your accounts as a diagnostic tool that sign-posts the pathway to optimal business performance.

We hold ourselves accountable for client satisfaction and we pride ourselves on timely responses, the quality of our work, meeting deadlines and no billing surprises.

Key People

Business Advisory

Identifying and achieving your business goals is paramount to our relationship with you. So is meeting your personal goals and overall objectives and we see it as our responsibility to help you connect these.

In addition, having a trusted business advisor is integral to growing your business and safeguarding it against business risks. As such we strive to offer your business the tools and advice that ensure profitability and business stability are at the forefront of decisions you make.

We want you to have the correct business structure, know the key performance indicators for your business and have effective and meaningful reporting. We apply industry benchmarking so that you know how you are tracking and can identify areas of opportunity or weakness.

When it comes to financing your business we can assist you in ascertaining the levels of funding that you require and the type of facility that would work best for your situation. We can work with your choice of financial institution to make the whole process as easy as possible or if you are struggling with your current provider we can introduce you to one of our trusted contacts.

We take the time to get to know you and your business, helping you to map out your goals and how to achieve them. It is easy to get caught up with day to day operations and it is always useful to have someone helping ensure that you don’t lose sight of your goals. With our experience and proven background we can be your business mentor.

Whether it’s a merger or acquisition, business succession planning or a practical mind to share ideas with, as trusted business advisors we can make a real difference to your business.

Business Life Cycle

There are a number of key events that may occur in a business life cycle. We ensure that our clients are prepared to tackle each and every one of these head-on.


Our aim is to minimise your tax burden through effective commercial or private structuring and by ensuring that your business practices are as beneficial as possible.  We provide detailed planning and advice on complex tax structures and prepare accurate tax returns of all types.

BBR believes in a ‘no surprises’ approach to tax by working with you to ensure you are always aware of your tax position.  If you are or do get behind in your tax obligations, we can help you through this challenging time and be your liaison with the IRD and negotiate on your behalf.

Accounting Process Services

In business, your time should be spent working on developing your business. BBR can lighten the administrative load, which means you are rewarded with more time focusing on the important aspects of your business.  You also receive the benefits of getting timely and accurate management accounting information, which empowers you to make informed business decisions.

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